Thursday, 26 March 2015

Optimism-from Being Suicidal to being a Social Entrepreneur

A year down the line, I was devastated and desperate, I had lost the will to carry on with life and at the same time I had turned into someone who was always looking for an excuses. The abuses from the boss and the growing disrespect in the society made me succumb to the suicidal thoughts. My life took a different turn, instead of Holiday places I started making Google searches of dying—though I was already dead inside.

Depression and loneliness is distant cousin and they are related to each other in a very innate manner, you simply cannot pull out these from each other, they are going to grow into something grandeur and then they will whip all the happiness from your life. Same happened with when my Internet Start-up failed, I was dejected and people around me thought of me as a failure, I was coping up with the loss of failure but the loss of trust that my friends and parents had in me was the biggest lost.
I was adamant about making it large once again but the world was not allowing me to but then this world have two faces but it shows to you the only one you want to see. If you are strong enough at subconscious level then no negativity is going to get to your heart.
One event that filled my with a lot of optimism and with a hell lot of positive power was when I attended the grand event of a serial entrepreneur who once was a Dosa seller, he was really passionate about his story, the way he unfolded the pages of his story on grandeur stage inspired millions of entrepreneurs. I was also one of them, he told the world that you can whip us and you can also kill us but you simply cannot diminish our desire to the change the world.
His speech and his experiences made me feel better; it was the day when I realized that I am not the only one. People mocked Bhagat Singh and they even misunderstood Steve Jobs but sooner all these same people ended up worshipping and praising them. This world is an innocuous place it has loads of lethal aspects but then there are opportunities and need of people like us, who are going to make this world a better place to live. Then there are child who are born with nothing to eat and wear who needs our corporal help.
The world gave me everything to be happy and now as a social entrepreneur I am going to shower all the love back in multitudes.

Just like my small start-up is also aiming towards a better world. here is allowing people to grab the best of deals and make their dreams of owning a house or property a reality. Their efforts and they desire to bring smiles and spread optimism are surely going to inspire thousands of young people to take up entrepreneurship as a career and change the world for better.


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