Sunday, 8 July 2012

She Is A Bitch...18th Post...:)

Often we guys walk out of Relationships abusing or calling our Girls “BITCH” in spite of talking and sorting the things out because we are Paranoid and this characteristic of ours destroys our Exquisite Relationship…
“Sometimes Even A Small Walk Together Washes Away The Whole Distance Of Regrets…”
Guys generally complain “I Love Her A Lot But She Hardly Understands…”
If She is not understanding make her feel your Love because once you are single again, you will be no more happy and cheerful (if you truly loved her…) because out of all the only feeling that hurts is LONELINESS…L
Guys; Earning money hardly makes us happy, spending those earned pennies on things we love brings happiness in our life; tantamountly Loving is not Enough, Expressing Love makes Relationships Exquisite and Sexy…J
If Your Relationship Is Deteoriating Better Quit Or For One Last Chance Try Everything:- Medicine, Vaccination, Glucose, Tourniquet To Make It Healthier…J
If Your Girl Is Cute…:- Bring her Chocolates and Cards and I bet She’ll act childish and sing songs for you…It’s Really Satisfying If Your Girl Sings For You…<3 <3 <3

If Your Girl Is Conservative…:- Talk to her; Listen to her and try to Abolish The Abominable Lull of her Life and once you are under Her Trustworthy List; She will start responding in a better way because When You Start Noticing Her She Starts Noticing Her Too; But Keep in mind Conservative Girls Flaunt Their Cleavage After Marriage…:P :P
If Your Girl Is Nymphomaniac…:- Then Hold Her; Kiss Her; Unbutton Her; Scratch Her Make her Smile By Satisfying Her In Bed And Don’t Forget To tell Her “Life Would Have Been So Easy Without Hooks…”
Guys; Seriously There’s No Fun In Having A Partner With Same Qualities And Getting A Partner Is Who Is Exactly Opposite Of what You Are Is The Wildest Of Experience…
To All The Guys Reading This…:-
Take Love As Everything Or Nothing Because The One Who Stands In between Experiences All (Love; Sadness and Depression…) And At Last Has Nothing Other Than Stories To Tell…J

P.S:- Ye To Suna Hoga…
                                          With The Touch OF Love A Man Turns Into Poet…
         Ab Ye Suno…
                With The Kick Of Love That Poet Turns Into A National Best-Seller…:P 


  1. m already on this way!!!...good one :) u relate me L

  2. haha...seriously enjoyd readng dis 1!!!specially 'D TOUCH OF LOVE','D KICK OF IT', nd lastly,a nymphomaniac!!hehe!!:p:p ;);)...well written dude!!

  3. Koi use v tere tarah thinking de...ya fir at-least is post ko padhaye....

  4. nyc one dude.... The bst line ws the kick of love... So wen you're gonna b kicked to b a national bstselr...!!

  5. Already kicked n national Bestseller is on its way...;) ;)

  6. i m knowing thngs evn mch better nw...!!!
    nd knew dat a gal fluctuates ol d tym in her hrt beats,...!! so r dey cald bitch..!!
    past 1 month had totaly changed me man..~!!!! hardly nw a daz gals r truly honest...!!hardly..!!
    nd pranav ur posts is just bout a few gud females..!!!rest f dem ...desrves d tag bitch..!!bcoz dey r .!!

    1. DUDe..nw the world is goin Equal dominating...

      girls are on action...

  7. love the last line :D kick of love = national best seller ;)

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