Thursday, 26 March 2015

Meet The New Housing

Throughout my life I have been an up above the average student; I had scored decently in my tenth and twelfth board exams. My decent marks in the twelfth board helped me in an acquiring a seat in a good engineering college. I was happy to see the jovial face of my parents—finally there desire was being fulfilled—I was happy that I am going to do it for them and I was more than happy that four years from now and I will have a job; but seldom things work out according to you. My education faced a down strike, engineering started getting to my mind—in a negative way—I was feeling lonely and more than that I was suffocating. Too much of formulas and hell lot of classes was making me succumb to the depression.
I was a devastated soul, I discussed this with my parents and they grow resentful with me, they were worried about my career and future—right at their place—but if I continued engineering, I would have committed suicide for sure.

It was this depressing moment when my love for off the course books grew, I started bunking minimal number of classes for reading books. I stopped by every room to seek new and old novels, I liked reading, and I carried classics by Ruskin Bond to classrooms and read them there. I was still not doing well at engineering but my focus was shifted and I was feeling better at my anatomy level. This affected me a lot, I was a happy person. The thing about reading well written book is that it inspires you to take a pen and write. The best thing after reading a good book you can do is write one.
I started micromanaging my time and started writing whenever I could find time for doing my. I was seen writing in libraries and during lectures as well. My friends were really impressed with my writing skills and this was the moment when one of my friends told me about freelance writing thing.
The words “freelance writing” got to my heart, I searched the net and found substantial information about the same and this was the moment when I told myself to #StartANewLife.
I channelized all my energy and passion to freelancing. I bunked classes, party and football session to concentrate on my work. I was doing really well until one day I found a US based client who offered me a job of 1500 US Dollars—this was it—I decided to get rid of my degree first and then I pursued my career with all the might.
Today I happen to be among top 2% freelance writers from the world. I have abundance of work and money. My parents now believe in my capabilities and they roam around telling their friends to let their children choose their career on their own.

My story inspires a lot of people just the work down by an amazing team at At they are building something that is allowing people to acquire happiness by acquiring their dream houses and properties.


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