Thursday, 14 February 2013


Someday in future...
On a chilly winter morning, when I sit in my bed in my own languor, I dream about us.
I dream about “How we have fought and Made up”, “How we been together through our bad and good”.
Deep drawn in indolence my hands reach out for the Letters I wrote to you, “When our Love was Juvenile”.
I read few of them and Laugh, I read few melancholy epistle and smile with pearls in eyes.
Epilogue of every spiel said “I Love You...”
It was like a travel of time back to the days when we were growing together, fighting like immature and kissing like birds.
The letters are now memoirs but love is still intact.
With the crinkling sound of tea in tea cups you enter the bedroom breaking the travel of time, making the room go bright...
You come, sit and read the letters, a smile spreads on your face and a sense of satisfaction goes down my veins.
Keeping the letter at side, you come closer and lower your face, your Lips touch mine, my soul touches your and we go back to bed together...<3 <3 <3

Happy Days of Togetherness...<3 <3 <3


  1. "a smile spreads on your face and a sense of satisfaction goes down my veins" one of the best rhyme i have ever conqurd ........nice1 to read n feel ....:) :D

  2. awsme to read it ..same to you :)

  3. wow emotional and romatic.. awsome flow of words

  4. :* :*
    no wrds 2 xpress maself..:)

  5. Irabadola- thnq ma'am...
    keep commenting...

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  7. a tryst of moment urs and hers,a moment felt and a moment heres my poetry unleashed unperturbed..
    like a flame that burns a candle,like a light that makes a moth to wander..u sweet lil birdies make my heart to wonder,that mayb theres a thing cald love,or thoughts that mayb hard to handle..with my words ure dreams i like to fondle..of dreams that scatter,like rains pitter my heart ure happiness curbed in verse with a tryst of moment urs and hers..;)

  8. memories can give u only the lovely moments u lived... it feels good...

  9. Chinni- well ur "awwww" is better than my art...

  10. Neharika:- Thnq thats lovely....

  11. Praveen- Well ur comment speaks truth....thnq
    and it feels good to see ur comment incessantly.
    welcome and enjoy reading....
    i hope to serve better...