Thursday, 26 March 2015

Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family Intro 1

Kellog’s Waale Gupta is the new talk of the
time. Ever since the world came to know about his love for Kellog’s corn
flakes, the world has gone crazy to attend a breakfast at their home. The increasing
affection of people from their society and from their offices are making them
go crazy.
Mr. Gupta is more than happy to have the
required attention while Mrs. Gupta and the children are worried about too many
people visiting their houses at one instance. This is going to be a fun affair
for the people but the family is going to handle a lot. I did a bit of my
research and what I found out was more amusing than surprising. The family of
Mr. Gupta happens to be one of the healthiest families in the town and all of
them are ready to handle every kind of anxiety and biotic attack.
Kellog’s corn flakes are one thing that every
family should acquire. Researchers and doctors suggest people to acquire it as
a habit and not as a meal. Regular intake of corn flakes in identified measure
is going to improve the overall immunity and the overall metabolism of the human
The requisite amount of carbohydrates and
other energy providing ingredients are going to make you healthy and ready to
face anything of health related issues. The boosted immunity and the amazing
fight against the allergic insects are going to amaze people around you.
Some of the common reasons people are
impressed by the family of Mr. Gupta can be listed as their evergreen health, their
defense against all the viral diseases like flu and cold and probably their
glowing skin as well.
Everyone understands the importance of
breakfast and those who have been at the place of Mr. Gupta understands the importance
of optimum breakfast and this is probably one reason why whole society is dying
to attend the breakfast at Mr’ Gupta’s house.
I am going to be there with all my family not
because I cannot afford a breakfast at my own house but because I want my
family members to see and understand the importance of an optimum breakfast and
I want them to witness the energy one can have early in the morning because of
the great breakfast. My family has failed miserably to understand the potential
of a good breakfast and subsequently they are also failing all the tests
against allergic and viral diseases. We are spending more on medicines than on
breakfast, this trip is going to stir some sense in their mind and I hope to
see the requisite change in their behavior and in their eating habits. The world
is going to be a better place once people understand the value of optimum
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