Sunday, 19 August 2012

Unlucky Girls...21st Post...:)

Some bastards are Lucky enough to be the First Love of a Girl and some Girls are Unlucky enough to be with them…
“Biggest Regret Of Almost Every Beautiful Girl Is Their First Love”…
I talk to people; I talk to them about their Life, Love life, Good and bad experiences…Talking to Girls about their Love; First Love makes them Nostalgic and Melancholic (even girls are multitasking…)
They start with a smile and end with lull on their face and with regret in their Heart…It’s very easy to “WOW” a Girl but very difficult to be her Staunch… It takes few “Good words and a seducing smile to enamour a girl” but a Heart is indomitably indispensable to deliver Fulsome Love…
** I met a girl on the journey way back to my college (in train). She was beautiful; beautiful enough to prove “Love At First Sight” do happens. Beautiful enough to prove “Angels Do Exist”…We started chatting about our College Life  (I even told her about my Philandering ways and My This Diary…J )and ended up knowing each others “DEEP DARK SECRETS” (This Is What Girls Call Their Worst Experience As And Believe Me Every Girl Has One…)
I remember hers jaded visage and the abominable silence of her Loud Cry…
Being beautiful she was a wimp. She was never born a Wimp but someone’s Illicit Vow made her sad and appear as decrepitude… she is still the same girl; but her view towards everything has transformed into peer and she is apparently lacking Radiance; she has lost her ability of bantering and now she is tough and her every move is dastard…
Reason:- She is beautiful with a “Deep Dark Secret”…
Boys:- Your paranoid behaviour towards a girl can invert an exquisite personality into a wimp… Consider them as “Replica Of Happiness” (irshad I Quote You…:P )

And Girls:- Look out for a guy who will accept you with your secrets and be with the guy who is ready to get mended according to You…

P.S:- All Beautiful Girls Relate YourSelf…


  1. wonderfully written :)
    Guys out there should read this :D

  2. i love you..........and you knw y becoz every tym you write something makes me realize this was in some wat manner mine story too........i knw you knw my heart better than anybody else but how can you depict every gals heart soo well.........and one more tym FUCK OFF pranav(dear)...........

    1. firstly...nobody knows a girl..its just that i knw little bit of thm n abt thm...:)

      n thnq for ur lovely comment...:)

  3. nyc collection of words :P
    bt ya it was gr8 reading dis :P hmmmm...

  4. cool be pranav......i do understand it broda..even my bestfriend is suffering seviorly from the sickness of losing her first love...!!

  5. somehow all dis is gud....
    life gives us a lesson thru dese things..lesson to learn...learn to understand who the true people are

    PS : all d gals are not unlucky....:P

  6. Wow!!! It truly depict d scenario of first love.I always wondered if it happens wid evry girl..
    Nw I Knw YES!!!!

    1. :)
      thnq...n m glad that i helped u in clearing ur doubt..:)
      keep reading n following..:)

  7. I dont know why they are always punished with their first love. the worst situation is that the scars of first love sometimes prevent them from falling in love again even if they meet a really good and faithfull guy next time. That's a common plight among good looking girls. jus wondering how you investigated it this much sharply yaar ;) awsome as usual! one of the best posts of you! :)

    1. every one should move on ...bcoz life is easy to live if we r nt carrying our past...
      thnq anyways...:)

  8. ossmmmmmmm wrk dear god bless :-)

  9. Aman: thnx bro...
    keep reading and commenting...