Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Making of June Issue...Branwyn

Branwyn’s June Issue is here. It was a matter of pain for the editors and the technical support team to come up with this issue but then what has come out is no less than Grand. The June edition of magazine is refreshingly new and has some new features embedded into it with great intricacy and eloquence. Well! We with this post, we will take a quick look into this Issue: -

What is New?

The editorial team at Branwyn—which includes me too—is always striving to give its every edition a frsh look. In this issue we have incorporated a new idea known as Bookshelf and we have placed some new and good books on these shelves.
Books listed on the bookshelf of Branwyn are: -
·        Twisted Twenties by Deepali, published by Half Baked Beans.
·        Cheer up! Worst is yet to come by Ila Garg, published by Gargi Publishing.
·        Bad Romance by Hrashita Srivastava, published by Gargi Publishers.

The Cover Story

We have worked hard to finalize a cover story, there were times when we received very incompetent stories for our cover stories but our editors fought through the hard times to come up with something good and sensible.
Lately we have featured a sample chapter from the Novel “The Unwanted Shadow” by Bhaskaryya Deka. The unwanted shadow is published by Half Baked Beans and is doing decently well on online portals.

There’s more from this Grand issue of Branwyn but I am certainly not going to tell you about all of them, you need to read it on your own here at: -


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