Saturday, 16 March 2013

Confess It Here...

The mere pronunciation of the word “Confession” can make us think of a “girl talking to her teddy bear at midnight” and of “a boy poking his face in pillow, crying and confessing about his lost love”.
But days are gone, when things were personal, now things are on facebook and facebook has confession pages of different universities and colleges. Now even schools have got into the act.

Where it at all Started:-
The imperial “Indian Institute of technology” is the mother of such viral gone pages on Facebook in our country. On investigating and going a bit deeper, the spotlight gets shifted to “Standford University”, student of IIT says, “I read about it on net, I read how people are confessing and having Fun…”
What they provide:-
20th century was the era of computers, still people used to write letters and post cards for confessing their juvenile Love.
21st century, The Era of Social Networking. A bigger platform with a bigger audience and better ways to Express. You can tag ‘her’ in the relevant pic (generally people ends up tagging irrelevant people in irrelevant pics), you can write a note about her and upload it on net (this is Something I do…;))
The basic of all, Update your Status and Interesting of all update a Confession Status.

The Admins of such pages say: “We receive hundreds of confession every day, with a diverse reach, ranging from Love, Sex to Reservation and Stereotyping”.
Most admin of such pages prefer being anonymous because they fervour a fear from the emancipated administration of their respective colleges.
On the other hand:-
Such confessions are meant for Fun, to be read and forgotten.
I have read hundreds of confession on my University’s confession page .

Few of them were Funny, most of them were on Love (Lovely), while some where amusing-
“Slept with a Faculty, believe me it is Thrilling and Fun”.

Some of them were Serious-
I broke my girlfriend’s bones with a bat, as she was not letting me be me”…
Some were Witty:-
“I keep Savita Bhabi pdfs in my mobile, I glance over them when a lecture seems too heavy to handle”.
Moral- Confessions are fun typing, Funnier reading and Funniest when related. But Dirty when confessed about something that is Taboo…
Confessions are hit and have myths too, some says- “Admins are behind such confessions”, “Anyone hardly cares”, “All such pages are Admin driven, are futile and soon to be Fathom”.
Well, I don’t know the reality behind the curtains of all such confession pages, but I have got to confess two things…
1. 90% of the posts you read on my blog are written in boring lectures in my six subject notebook…
2. I was about to Lose it, but…(Lose it, What???)

Keep confessing until you get bore of it, then try something new. Just for an idea
“Bra colour facebook update”, something that took off in mid 2010 in response to a post about Breast Cancer awareness.

Note- this post carries contents from Sunday times (just for reference and stats…)


  1. I sincerely confess... P.S.- I Love You.... !!
    P.S.- P.S. here doesn't stand for post script...!!

  2. man! the things the write there...

  3. Sex is a topic you never wanna miss , haha , nice work done.

  4. Confessions on FB are becoming a rage and a post about it on ur blog to bnta hai waise bhi :P

  5. Hmmm good one...till ur confessions appear lucrative to you..;)

  6. samyeo- Sex is the topic, no one hates reading...:)

  7. Harshita- Exactly, and tera comment b bnta tha...:)

  8. Awesome one....:D