Thursday, 16 April 2015

Asus Zenfone2 is here...

Living in a world where technology drives the passion and also the daily routine, it is really important to use gadgets that make you stand out of the crowd. You will have to build a relationship with your gadget in order to have the best of facilities and in order to deliver best every time you go on the podium.
Engineers, developers and innovators have been working really hard to leverage the world with the best kind of smart phone experience; Asus Zenfone2 is the latest entry into the world of epitome gadgets. The first ever smart phone with a 4 GB RAM has arrived and it is here to stay, you are going to be enamored at the moment you will realize that the new phone allows you to take pictures up to 400 percent brighter in low light.
While a lot of people or say it as almost every gizmo geek is going to book one of these entity for themselves but then there are some people who need to be motivated in order to rise from their comfy bed and take some action.
Here is a list of five reasons why I feel Asus Zenfone2 is going to redefine my Smart Phone Experience:

·       The amazing speed: We all understand the pain of a slow processor and a slow internet. Nothing kills us like a slow does. We all need our phone to be as fast as our thoughts and this amazing new phone with  a 4 GB RAM is surely going to leverage us with all we need. We are going to fall in love with the lightning speed of the phone.

·       Pixel Master Camera: We live in a world where people are addicted to clicking Selfies and then sharing it over social media. Most of them we fail to capture the best moments of our day because of lack of light but with this new phone you are never going to have a dull moment. The amazing new camera allows you to click up to 400 percent brighter pictures during the night time.

·       A lot of space: The best thing about the phone is that it allows memory extension. You can use up  to 64 GB of memory cards and extend your memory but then there are models of the phone who carry an internal space of 64 GBs. This phone is a fun thing; it is going to allow you have a lot of movies for entertainment.

·       Dual SIM and Light weight: While a lot of smart phones are growing bulky this new phone is really low on weight and it allows you to carry two subscribers at the same time. Use them for your better connectivity with the world.

·       Look: Flat, sleek and sexy are three prominent words that defines the new Asus Zenfone2. People are going to look and they are also going to question you about the phone out of trepidation. You are going to feel really proud of your choice and this will make you stand out of the crowd. People will develop a respect for your choice and for your sense of technology.

Asus Zenfone2 is here, people are going crazy about it, have you seen it yet? Check it out here


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