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The One You Cannot Have- Review.

Book- The One You Cannot Have.
Author- Preeti Shenoy.
Publisher- Westland.
Pages- 270.

Story Line- Aman Mathur a young, good looking man is all set to return to India after his professional stint in London. All set to return to India, accidentally he comes across the old memories hidden somewhere in the house as scrap. The memories send him back to the golden days where he met his dream girl Shruti who happens to be his classmate during the sabbatical. He is reminded of the four glorious years he spent with Shruti, enjoying and planning their future life together.
Shruti on the other hand is now merely a memory for him as she broke up and now is happily married to Rishabh for two long years. Shruti is content being married Rishabh, lately she is been making efforts for a successful marriage but the pressure from the in-laws and Rishabh himself for a child gives her chilly vibes. She plans to be working for some year and then involved with kids.
Amidst of these Rishabh comes across the hidden tale of Shruti and Aman. Things go haywire. Shruti tries everything to mend things between them but Rishabh is adamant with his stern behavior. He feels cheated and lied upon.
On the other, Aman lands in India and meets Anjali—who is a sweetheart. Anjali is a writer, working for a Magazine. Introduced to Aman by a common friend Dipika—epitome of hotness. Aman and Anjali gradually gets along and happens to fall in love. Meanwhile Dipika gets to hear the news and tries to disguise Anjali by accusing Aman of molesting her.
What happens next? What Shruti does to make her marriage work out? Will Anjali be able to believe Aman. Read the book to find out who is the One You Cannot Have and for whom.
Review- The fifth book of Preeti Sheenoy is as intense as you expect it to be. It is full Preeti Sheenoy type story.
·       Narration- It flits between the three characters Aman, Shruti and Anjali. The flitting narration helps the reader draw a proper imagination of the emotions and the plot.
·        Title- The One You Cannot Have. The title is fully compatible with the story and plot. When you read it you will realize how difficult it is to love The One You Cannot Have.
·       Pricing- the book is priced Rs.200/-. The sum of Rs.200/- is bit more for a romance fiction. Understanding the price factor most of the e-commerce websites have reduced it to a maximum of rs.150/-.
·       Flow- The story and the language has the requisite flow Preeti Sheenoy is known for. The story forwards at a good pace. The steamy flow keeps you glued with the story.
·       Reader’s Expectation- Going with the title a reader will expect a ride through the contemporary ways of ghastly changing relationship. The book serves the purpose and ends on a good note.
·       Characters- Characters in the book are vivid. The book gains extra points with the detail description of the characters.
·       Sale ability- The book is already listed on the HT bestseller list. Amazon India has already declared Preeti Shenoy as the Author of the month based on the sales of her latest book.
·       Ratings- The average rating of this romance fiction on Goodreads is 4.02.
Half Baked Bean rating of the book is 4 out of 5.

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