Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dinner Date By Ishaan Lalit.

Book- Dinner Date.
Author- Ishaan Lalit.
Publisher- Author’s Empire.
No. of Pages- 180.
About the Author- Ishaan Lalit is an accomplished author with two books already in the market. His unusual plots and the frantic pace of his books have gathered much appreciation. His first book ‘The Bracelet’ gathered good reviews from both HT City and Pioneer. His second book 'Hexagon' won The Best Science Fiction Award at the Indian Literary Awards. Ishaan Lalit is also an aviator and adventurer. He has travelled many countries and that shows in his writing as his books mix multiple cultures seamlessly. He currently resides in Delhi-NCR but is often out of the country looking for new material to write about.

Dinner Date is his third book.

From the Jacket- Sam Thomas, today he is a charming, well-dressed, successful lawyer, but he was not always so. He was a goofy, clueless, awkward young man. The first time a beautiful girl kissed him, he ran away screaming, which led to the rumours that he was gay.  When he tried to put the rumours to sleep, he only ended up getting into worse trouble and got beaten up by the schools gymnastics team.

Dinner Date is the story of one evening, when Sam recounts his story, and tells of how he and his friends, Ram and Rohit, go from one fiasco to another in their law school, from almost getting expelled to meeting his estranged godfather, to falling in love with the Dean’s daughter. The trio fumbles through all the obstacles comically.

Dinner Date is a love caper, set amidst moot courts, law school, politics and family secrets.

Review- Ishaan Lalit the Master of Science fiction is no less than the epitome of romantic and witty stories. He has proved his mettle with this witty tale which circles around lawyers, laws and moot courts. The story is fun filled and has an extremely witty texture which keeps the reader glued. The language has a unique flow which stops the reader from keeping the book down.  
This is the first book I have read from Author’s Empire India and am amazed and satisfied with the quality service they provide with. The good quality of paper, printing and editing makes the reading worthwhile. Author’s Empire definitely gains extra brownie points for the quality they serve with.
·       Cover- Going with the witty story Dinner Date is; the cover matches up the expectation. A simple look of cover tells the readers about the book and story. The design is of the kind a reader will prefer buying after having just one look.

·       Editing- The book has been edited very intricately. It is going to be difficult for the critics to find a loophole. The story just flows with the proper grammar and exquisiteness of the language.

·       Price- The book is priced Rs.140/- but is available on various e-commerce websites with a discount of 10-15%. Still a sum of Rs.140/- is affordable given the book serves you with a fresh story. The book breaks the stereotyping Engineering Colleges chick-lits and enlightens you about the ups and downs of being a lawyer.

·       Publication House- Author’s Empire India is new and this book is second from them. The review of services they provide is the talk of the town. Every new author I know is talking about this publication house. Reviewed by various known Author this publication house has received very good testimonials.

·       Reader’s Expectation- Going with a cover and the excerpt on the cover a reader will expect a quirky and funny tale set in the atmosphere of lawyers, jurisdiction, order-order, judges and romance. The book serves with every of these. A fresh read which will make you crave more for different kind of stories.

·       What’s New- The background the story carries is new. The experience of reading about a Lawyer’s life is different and new. The Author is new with quirky tales.

·       Ratings- The average rating for the book on goodreads is 4.40.
As an avid reader my rating for the book will be 4 out 5.


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