Sunday, 12 January 2014

Swaraj By Arvind Kejriwal...

Book- Swaraj.
Author- Arvind Kejriwal.
Publisher- Harper Collins.
Cover- Paperback.
No. of pages- 176.
Price- 150/-.
About the Author- Arvind kejriwal is a known name now, back in 2012 when he wrote this book, he was mere an ex officer who resigned from his high paying job to change the system. He had an imminent role play in the implementation of Right-to-Information act in India. Today he is the respected Chief Minister of Delhi. Beating the Ex-Chief Minister Sheela Dixit by over 20,000 votes in State Elections 2013 he has thrown over the innocuous government who ruled Delhi for a sum of 15 long years.
About the Book- Swaraj- A hindi word which has played the most motivating role in Indian history. It is the same word Bhagat Singh was clamoring with when he was sentenced to Death but incessant utterance of this word made him Shaheed. It is the same word Gandhi ji have been marching with all over the country. And ironically it is the same word which led the uproar among the population of India during mid-2011 led by a freedom fighter Anna Hazare. Swaraj means the Rule of Public.
With this book Arvind Kejriwal spares the population of India a chance to understand the manifesto they have been working upon for a long time now. This book makes you aware with the ongoing adulteration with the emotions of Indian citizens. The way government is being handled by corporates and not by the members elected through general elections. The book enlightens you with the fact how government is working for the welfare of all those cynical business persons and not for the one in need-gareeb.
This book is a must read for everyone who wants to understand the current day politics and is willingly desperate to work for the up
ward growth of the country and its population.
Why to read this book-
·        Aam Admi Party- a political party led by Arvind Kejriwal, has already formed a government in Delhi is working for the welfare of common people. You will able to understand their every move because from a person’s eye who does not know them, their moves will appear a bit bizarre and catastrophic.
·        You need to read this book because the Author hardly wrote this book with a notion to earn royalty. Arvind Kejriwal has forgiven the royalty generated from the book. He aims to make every Indian who is willing to contribute to the growth of country.
·        Because it is about us. Swaraj- is all about the aam admi and its right. We need to step up and fight for it.
With the ongoing craze and respect for Aam Admi Party in present day who knows this book may turn into the Constitution of coming India.
Grab your copy before it gets unreachable.

Happy reading.