Monday, 18 March 2013


Last night when stars got themselves arranged in an innate erratic manner to form an omen and deliver something good to me, Xactly at that moment the very home page of my innocuous blog said ’20,000’ page views.

What is Page views???
When I say page views, I hardly try to convey that “My blog has been read by 20,000 of unique readers” Or it’s been read 20,000 times, in the very first place.
What this ticking page view counter represents is “Number of times my blog has been Visited” (thank you for visiting, do not forget to read…)
But, we say “am 20,000 readers old” because this is the way it works, I’ll explain, A company hardly cares “How it’s product is been sold???”, something that matters to the company is “How many and in case of uncountable nouns, How much…???”.
While writing official citation for an Enterprise we write “A million dollar company”, when we write it we hardly hint towards “Oh, this company has a revenue of Million Dollars”, what we mean is “Their present value in market is of Million Dollars…”.:)
So, if ever, you come across me saying “20,000 readers”, don’t question me… PLEASE.
From 2nd June 2012 (It was my mum’s birthday) till today 18th March (It’s my brother’s birthday) the calculation says, an interval of 295 days. I’ll say 295 days of pure laziness. I wrote very less but I made people read More(my marketing strategy and tool…;) ).
There are people, who have not yet read Chetan Bhagat( god of the genre in which I write) but they have read me and they are happy. They are my FRIENDS, the backbone of such a strong Readership, they read and make others read it too…
20,000 page views-
A blog where girls cried reading “Unlucky Girls”, boys felt relieved after reading “Wicked Girls”, “Daughters” earned respect, “Father’s Love” was saluted, Magic spread, Love embraced, Wisdom attained, Humour enjoyed, Songs played, Poverty exposed and a blog where you felt Related (the motto, was taken care of…).
In this epoch of 295 days-
·        I Won the 2nd prize in creative writing at my university (Don’t know what’s gonna happen this time…).
·        My blog intrigued Two up-coming bright Novelist into my writing skills and they ended up sending me there’s half written Novels, but I am still working on  my grammar (As the faculty of Soft Skill says “You Need To Work On Your Basics”…).
·        Worked as a Guest Reviewer at Read In Park.
·        Failed terribly as a book reviewer. Book reviewing is not really my cup of tea and my excuse for that is “I am meant to be an Artist for life long, never a Judge…”
·        Failure was grandeur, when it came to direct earning, Google Ad-Sense. My blog intricately qualified all the eligibility criteria but, still there’s no paid Ad available on my Blog. On interrogating, Google replied with “Your blog will fetch you girls not money…”.
So, at the end of the day, when I go to bed for sleeping, I am bit sad about my performance in engineering, but comments and praises pouring in on my blog and on social profile Keeps Me Going…

                                       A Big
Thank You to all…


  1. congratulation on this success!

  2. congozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... bro... keep going.. :)

  3. Bole toh ekdum mast likha e bidu :P :P may u get evrythng u wish for.. :) :)

  4. Your posts are innovative and creative! Always acts as a stress buster for me. I am sure you have a long way to go ! :) Keep going.
    Ps - Google adsense need to get a life. On interacting with them they told me "No recent critical issues addressed." . And I was like ~.~.
    As for you , I am sure it will get you everything :p So stop being sad , you are one of the most innovative bloggers I've come across :)

  5. Praveen- thnx bro, keep reading...

  6. Ayushee- that's sweet. You are the One I follow...:)