Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Summer II...

Read it out here:- How they met and how cute they were in Summer-I...

Karan had a nostalgic travel back to Delhi. Nikki’s beautiful eyes and cute visage kept visiting his mind incessantly and under effect Karan just got sad and sadder.
Back at school, he preferred sitting alone rather than with girls, as their cuteness reminded him of his cute princesses.
Whereas, Nikki too missed him, being a girl it was easier for her to move on, but she never got over him.
Truth : A girl can forget everything but not her first Love.
With the enthralled memories of Nikki as a blotch on his mind, he enjoyed his days back in Delhi. Days passed like minutes and Karan started to grow into a boy from a child.
Six years passed but he never got a chance to visit Shimla again, although meeting grandparents became easier as they shifted to Delhi with Karan, his dad being the only child had to take care of his old parents as he believed in:-
“Children Will learn What They Will See Their Parents Doing...”
Karan basically being a punjabi followed every ritual of being one. He even went to a punjabi school G.H.P.S. Karan was the boy with long curly hair and a crisp fair complexion. Karan was a star of G.H.P.S, master of debate, creative in writing and a humorous anchor.
Still in 8th standard, Karan was an epitome of every field.  Seniors used to call him Captain Karan (the future head boy) while girls took his name with lilt (they were his heart throbbing fans).
Karan was enjoying his beautiful days surrounded by girls. Karan in spite of being molested by many sexy 8th standard girls, was still adamant because of his very first love “Nikki”.
Once Karan was asked to explain his perspective on Love by his moral science teacher. Every girl of class got attentive and suddenly the moral science class seemed interesting.
Karan: Love is everything we do:
We walk is love between motion and legs.
We see is love between beauty and eyes.
We read is love between reader and knowledge.
Togetherness is love between me and you.
Ma’am stood their impressed and enlightened with the words of Karan, she asked everyone to clap. Coming back to Karan ma’am asked “Have you ever been in Love”???
Baljoot the sexiest Punjabi kuddi of class got a smile on her. (Pretty girls’ weird concepts...)
Karan’s eyes scintillated with nostalgic memories from summer and suddenly he quipped, “Keep all the jewels of world on her and still nobody will care about jewels”(Novoneel Sir I quote you...), and from that day whole school knew NIKKI...
It was spring, plants started to grow again, winter was going and summer was waiting to enter and spread sorrow and depression but who cares for tomorrow while it is spring.
One evening Principal called Karan and said:-
With full enthusiasm and zeal I appoint you as the head co-ordinator of the National level quiz contest to be held in our school in coming month and I also order you to represent our school in the quiz. Karan my boy it’s your life time opportunity do it today and you will remember it tomorrow.
One month later:-
“And I handover the stage to the most humorous anchor G.H.P.S has ever seen, everyone welcome ‘Karan’ with huge round of applause”, Principal said and stepped down from the stage.
Karan introduced himself, girls went crazy and the atmosphere turned karanatic.
Karan requested participants from all over India to “join him on stage and introduce each of them respectively, and then we will go on with quiz”.
Kanya Sharma from Banglore to Naidu Swami from Vizag everyone introduced themselves, Karan was standing on the side of stage and was getting bore till the time he heard a sweet voice with a pinch of attitude saying “Nikki Malhotra, Shimla”, the name made Karan experience a quake in his heart and suddenly he spoke up on mic “Meet me back-stage”, sudden utterance of such words made the auditorium hoot, but as said, Karan was the most humorous one, so…
Nikki- Hey dude, what’s wrong with you; what you think of yourself. Being famous and good at everything does not give any right to violate someone’s image like this in public; you have got no right to insult anyone. Tell me, what, am here on “Your Backstage”, tell me what you want..???
  “Wooh; mujhe to bas ek mc-aloo tikki chahie”, Karan replied, leaving Nikki stunned with a convolute expression on her just gone red face.
Nikki had an irrepressible flashback of everything, the birthday party; Playground, Badminton, Chocolate and the Bite of Mc-Aloo tikki full of juvenile yet special love…
She hugged him tight and whispered “I missed You Karan”.
Final Day, Final Round-
It was tie between G.H.P.S Delhi and S.P.S Shimla, the auditorium was full of students cheering “Karan and G.H.P.S, which indirectly was adding pressure to the beauty from Shimla, Nikki”.
After a break of 5 minutes of refreshment, the host took over the stage and microphone. He seemed concerned with the win of G.H.P.S, questions thrown on S.P.S Shimla were of higher magnitude in comparison to those thrown at G.H.P.S.
Karan was best in everything, he had won many accolades and substantial fame but all on his own neither by cheating nor by any malfunction.  
Final round was a buzzer round and Karan wanted S.P.S to win, he fired the buzzer from work by pulling the wire away. As a result S.P.S Shimla won the quiz with 2 extra points.
Auditorium went gloomy and sad but Karan had a smile on his face and satisfaction in heart. He went to Nikki and congratulated her, she sighed and replied “thank you” with the epitome of smile on her face.
Day of Departure:-
Karan woke up early went to mart and got a few things arranged, rushed back to room, sat in his languor and wrote a spiel for her future bride( He was confident, he knew what he was and he will make it possible).
                                             Nikki, it’s the time, when I’ll not lie,
  By the time you read this,
      You must have left,
        But you don’t cry,
     As, distance keeps the flavour in love and life,
        And as promised;
         You’ll be my beautiful bride.
   Hands in hand we’ll walk with pride,
                        In front mates who thought our Love was futile,
                                                   Till the time,
                Enjoy your Chocolate and Pie…



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  2. dont u think children in your imagination have extra knowledge which seems to be beyond of their age limit >>(answer given to moral science teacher)

  3. Garima- :)
    Karan is a student of eight standard in 21st century...;)
    Believe me whenever I write, i try to add experience of my life, and I assume that I was Smart when I was in 8th standard in matters of love and relationship..:)

    Btw, thnqq keep reading...:)

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  7. Aakriti- thnq for the support and its you because of whm m gonna the third part...:)Keep reading...

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