Saturday, 2 March 2013

20 Things Before 20...

                     20 Things To Do Before You Turn 20…

·        Take birth, learn to Talk and Walk.

·        Learn all the important jargons like
Shit Happens and Bitch Please.

·        Get beaten Up.

·        Write Love letters and do not forget to pass them on.
·        Top the class (Kindergarten topper’s too are eligible).

·        Being an Indian, play cricket and abuse team India for losing to Bangladesh.

·        Work Hard to use up the message pack of 10,000 messages, even if you are able to use half of it; don’t mind it’s still an achievement.

·        Before 20, nobody cares for downfall (Unless you are a topper). So, fall in love as many times you can.

·        Learn the difference between Principal and Principle.
Principal is to be followed in School (before 20), and Principle is to be followed after 20.

·        Participate in Rallies: go against Corruption, Rape and Racism. At night while returning home Bribe the Mammu(traffic police) for over speeding.

·        Sleep in Class Or if you have an Android Phone then run at least 2kilometers everyday during class (Temple Run mei to naya record ban jayega).

·        Boys:- Sit on last bench and try to count the number of girls in your class (My present count says 42).
Girls:- Enjoy all the clip arts on the chairs and desks drawn by The Bad Boys.

·        Boys:- Watch Porn, fantasize and get used to it.
Girls:- Watch Porn and puke to prove.”You are a Good Girl".

·        Learn to Sing Or Learn to Play Guitar, as 90% of Indian girls fantasize her boyfriend to be famous and talented (you can’t be famous without talent unless you are a girl).

·        Break laws, make a Gmail account before you are 18 (You all who Follow my blog with your Gmail ids are criminals).

·        Bet your Friends, Win and Lose but never give or take the thing on Bet (abe mere bet ke rs 100 de…).

·        Decide what you wanna do to You and to Your Life, do not listen to others when it comes to your choice and prove yourself feasible before 20 in order to be confident after 20.(This Blog is a try).

·        If you Drink. Then Drink and spill over.
And if you don’t drink carry your Friend away, who just drank and spilled over.

·        Don’t be serious; you are entering the bright world of opportunity not the gloomy world of I.C.U. and who says Non-serious guys are not considered as Preachers??? who knows, at this moment a topper might be reading this blog written by a Non-serious guy.

P.S:- Help your friends in every endeavour. Avoid slanderous and disguising comments about your friends. Help me in increasing my readership, by sharing this blog on facebook and among your friends.
P.P.S:- I am turning twenty soon…


  1. enjoyed every word..keep upp lil soon to turn 20 P.S. =)

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  3. good one dude... thanks for disseminate ur views... prodigy person u r...:)

  4. hey it was fun reading it..liked your this post..:)

  5. ws entertaining...!!!
    happy to have achieved all th goals mentioned above...
    and loved the point no.18...!! :P ;)

  6. cool thing is ive done it drunk,bitched,got suspended frm school,fallen in love a million times,i still keep falling in love again and again,watched porn and proved that i m a good girl lolls ;) so basically i ve done it all Mission ACCOMPLISHED!!

  7. Fuck yeah!!.... already done with them all.... :P

  8. one more thing everyone does...
    * Learn the THIRSTY CROW story every year and write it in every exam... even there is a question or not...

  9. exceptionally brilliant.......jst 1 goal left to be achieved ......n soon this side olso d story will be completed....

  10. hahaha loved it , was fun reading ;)

  11. Simran- thnx bro. your very first comment on my blog, hope you keep reading and sharing about it among ur friends...:)

  12. Mehre Alam- long time, huh.
    be an avid reader...;)

  13. Vardan- hahaha, guess wat, am on the stage with the one last thing to be done, i.e Turn Twenty...;)

  14. Praveen Bhai- hell true...;)
    P.S:- MTE's approaching start learning your story...

  15. Vivek- All the best, for one last thing...

  16. some of the above achieved n some are on thier way :)

  17. Hemant- All the best for the left ones...:)