Saturday, 1 June 2013

Girls and Promiscuity...

Reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ a bok by E L James or say it as an Essay on Erotica, inspires me write to about promiscuity these days.

University Mall, 3rd Floor, 3p.m…
A floor assigned to Gadgets and Jewellery Shops; gadgets for the snobby people and jewellery for the beautiful people.
A floor full of euphemism—thing people hesitate talking about. You can encounter boys and girls or rather Couples hanging in each other’s arm; at times boys elbowing their girls; at times girls squeezing their guys, everyone trying to get IN somehow, while ever girl acting reluctant—When I say acting I mean Acting. Gone are the days when girls were innocent and boys philandering, today Girls are from Mars boys are from Venus, they meet on earth to acquire each other’s trait.

Some are still innocent and are still in love they are yet not affected with the Debauchery of Love and Lust. Some are there just for a talking spree, under the shade of Mall. They are the same people who don’t like PDA (Public Display of Affection.) and they are the same who will book a room and Unhook each other with the Love in eyes and Lust in hands.
Boys are not the only one responsible for Physical Intimacy, at times girls are more aspiring than inspiring.

Other day a couple known to me went to a room just for some Romance, which under the coaxing circumstances from girls side led to S.E.X.
The change Girl went through was tantamount to the change Boy experienced ‘Just A Differentiated Skin’ , so, where’s the Difference???
That night the boy updated his status-
I Just had Sex and now I know Why girls are called HOT.
Same night his girlfriend updated her status-
I had Sex and now I know Why my Boyfriend is referred as COOL(Thanda).
Gone are the days when girls used to fantasize about Sex, now they are out and they are asking for it and there’s nothing wrong in it.
The development of such feelings; disrespects the trauma of Heart Break and eliminates the fathomable chance of Suicide.

Loss of Skin and Virgin tag is inevitable in today’s world of Vastly changing technology and aggressively changing Relationships.

P.s- Thank you all for reading the 50th post...:D


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