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VICCO Turmeric Cream with Foam Base (30 Sec)

and simple skin care tips

In the contemporary world everyone wants to have flawless skin and beauty. To
attain beautiful face and flawless skin people are using distinct types of
cosmetics made up of many chemicals and in today’s world the industry of
cosmetics are booming at around $300 millions. But people don’t know the
harmful side effects of using these cosmetics made up of harmful chemicals.
Some of the chemicals are also causing various types of skin diseases and even
skin cancer in extreme cases. People don’t have idea of simple and natural ways
of attaining beautiful body, face and flawless skin. In this article we are
going to discuss tips for attaining beautiful and flawless skin and body by
using natural remedies:

5 natural and simple skin care tips:

1.   Honey facemask: Raw honey naturally has anti bacterial property, which makes skin
soft and shine naturally. Raw honey can be used weekly to get soft and shiny
skin. Take one teaspoon of honey on your palm and rub it on your face and body
for around five to ten minutes and then rinse it of with lukewarm water. Repeat
it weekly to attain soft and shiny skin naturally.

2.   Dry brushing of skin: Dry brushing your skin is a simple and one of the best
natural techniques to remove dead cells from your body and face. Dry brushing
is detoxification of the body. Dry brushing should be done before taking bath
by brush with soft bristles. Dry brushing helps the lymphatic system and
eliminates dead skin cells from the body, strengthens immune system, stimulate
hormones in the body and can tighten the skin.

3.   Natural hair conditioning: Every body
in today’s world wants strong, soft and shiny hair; strong, soft and shiny hair
can be attained by simply massaging coconut oil before shampooing. Coconut oil
has natural conditioning properties, which provides hair with all the requisite
nourishment. Herbal shampoo is recommended after the coconut oil massage to
achieve required results.

4.   Flawless skin by using tomato: Tomato has natural skin rejuvenating properties,

rubbing raw tomatoes on skin helps to remove dead cells from the skin and it
also helps in removing tanning from the skin. Tomatoes provide all the
requisite nutrients to have flawless skin. Rubbing tomatoes thrice the week
helps to attain soft and shiny skin soon.

5.   Scrub skin with Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera contains almost 200 active components
including vitamins and amino acids. Aloe Vera plant is filled with natural gel,
which has healing properties, which helps skin to heal from burns and other
wounds. Aloe Vera also provides all the necessary nutrients required for having
soft and shiny skin. One should scrub raw Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera lotion twice a
week before bath to achieve flawless skin naturally.

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