Friday, 20 December 2013

Suicide-Surely Not An End!!!

Suicide a seven letter word which can bring an end to the exotic series of fun, love, respect and responsibility. Life to humans is not something that happened ‘ainvayi’, it’s a gift, gift of God and we as humans have no right to alter with it or to end it for our Loss or Gain.
You must have seen conferences and people speaking on public platform for the cure of AIDS and Cancer, but no one, absolutely no one ever spoke for/on Suicide, given Suicide is anonymous and you are the only one who can help. Before committing suicide just for once, stand, stop, wait and think ‘Is this it’ or ‘I should give life another chance’, because Life is a chance no one ever regains.
People write Suicidal notes, which according to law is the Evidence, but is nothing more than an Explained Excuse.
*Attachment- 29% of Suicides these days are committed because of failure in relationships. People either hang themselves from fan or take poison to bring an end to the series of extreme pleasure with few bitter experiences, just because they were unable to enamor an incompetent lover. Next time you decide to end your life just because someone doesn’t approve of your love, remember you are your best lover, if you can’t Love yourself, then nobody else will love you.
A strong person left by his first love will never sit back and repent, he will stand, challenge the world and will find someone more beautiful, deserving and will live happily ever after—(Paulo Coelho).
*Career- Manager’s Lad committed suicide as he was unable to cope up with his Parents expectation. No parent is so stiff that their child’s cry will not make them rethink or reconsider their expectation. Coming forward and asking your Parents for one more chance is way easier than leaving them to repent and cry on your corpse.
*Monitorial Loss- No loss is bigger than loss of Hope. Even if you have suffered an enormous loss in business doesn’t mean you have lost everything, you still have you and your strength and capabilities.
Remember—‘If you have made it large once, you can make it huge for 100 more times’.
The ones who are Raped, thinks it’s better to die and bring an end to a life of shame; Least they are aware of the fact—‘Committing suicide never eases the pain, it actually deepens the wounds’.
If they decide to fight, it is obvious hundreds will oppose and obstruct her but once her conscience is proved strong then thousands and may be millions of them will help her in her Endeav
or for Justice and Respect.
When you decide to die, you make yourself a criminal, you make your parent’s life, a life of guilt. They will always find themselves amputated because you were not merely a child but a part of their soul too.
Loss in business and in relationships are inevitable, you can’t convince the economist or someone beautiful either to plan according to you or to love you, but you can surely go through everything silently and come up as Strong and Beautiful, next everyone will praise and love you.
This world is omnibus and infiltrated, people will make promises with enthusiasm and break them silently. Love will come into your life and will mend your ways, beautiful people will enamor and destroy you.
What will take you towards Happiness is You, Strong You. Let you be the only controller of your life. However Exquisite and Desirable one may be don’t let them disrespect your dignity. Do fall in Love, take risk, Enjoy Success and taste failure but be an Optimist and Be Strong, because when you decide to hang yourself even Gravity fails.