Saturday, 14 December 2013

We are so Clichéd...

This article was written for Half Baked Beans' blog and was published in my University's Monthly Newspaper too...

It was the pen-ultimate day of my school life, when I was summoned on the stage to give a Talk on School life. It was my Ted-X talk, but I was not there to speak about the paradigm that changed my life or to impart some techniques about enjoying school life to the juniors who stood there with sheer enthusiasm and primal expectation.
What I actually spoke that day was about the journey I had at the school and when I finished everyone did clap for me.
Today, after 3 long years when I look back to the D-day, I wish I would have been bit more specific about the choice of topic I made and I wish, I would have leveraged them with bit of more ‘gyan’ about life, but the irony is, I learned the things only when I came out of that school.
In school we were always coaxed to follow the clichéd pattern by teachers and by our dear parents, but when you grow up and join college you realize ‘I am so clichéd’, things like ‘out of box thinking’ will box you and your enthusiasm down leaving you alone to curse the way you lived your school life.
Remember there’s no gain in following the rules all your life and get rejected on the day of placements with a remark “We are looking for someone Unique”.

Things I wish I had known during school life: -
·       Do not Rush, Consider the options: - If I am back in school again and someone questions me about my plans; I’d say that my priority is to known what the options are.
All you need to do is discover things you like and once done with the research pursue it with full passion, because the famous quote by Steve Jobs goes like-
‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it’.
·       What you think and what you want are two different things: - When you pass out of your school and join college then you will feel ‘hot summer of your hometown is much soothing than the cold impassive whips of college’. Computer science engineering is not about installing windows and defragmenting unorganized files on the disk.

In school your Principal will manage things for you and after school your own Principles will take you everywhere.


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