Sunday, 2 June 2013


If you are insistent about a change; You are undergoing the change metaphorically.
21st century-
Everyone of us wants to be mentioned as-
“There goes XYZ, the great---------!!!”.
The great-------, What???
The great Singer, Actor, Dancer, Lawyer, Engineer or the great Doctor.
Being great the ultimate destination of life(actually the End), and finding that one thing(noun) which will make you Great and Famous is the Journey and in simple words the purpose of Life.
Being good at something and being interested in something.
You may not be interested with things you are good at and it will result being Futile; but being Interested even though you are not good at, will act as fuel and will propel into the direction of excellence.
Every Book you read/ Every Class you attend/ Every Picture you click is a Small part in a Large plan and a small advancement towards Epitome.
At the end-
It’s merely a moment when Vague(You) will turn into Vivid(Famous You).

One Year-   It’s the Birthday of Three-

Maa- The very reason I started Blogging on 2nd June and not on 1st June, a year back.

College Diary- The place where am employed. My blog pays me with Opportunity(From Half Baked Beans to My Orange Slate) and Praises and with….. ;)

Sonal- The day she found my blog, to her it was like a revival of a lost friend. She has read  all the posts more than twice and currently is my Favourite reader.
                                                        Happy Birthday Girl.

Thank You all for reading, Commenting and Being there.

                                                         Happy Birthday Maa…J
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