Thursday, 20 September 2012

Report Card...26th post...:)

19 years old, studying from last 16 years. Got many report cards but none of them makes me feel so exotic like this one does. Because this is something I want to do and am doing it with full dedication. Waking up at 6 a.m on Sunday morning(being a 2nd year engineering student…) Editing and Posting is what defines my Dedication…
Well! I have just completed 25 Blogs and am feeling like am at the top of the world…(Om Shanti Om..) whereas I know people with hundreds of blogpost, but can’t help this is me A Person looking for happiness in whatever he does.
My Friends and Family members call me introvert and less Happening because alike them I don’t like partying and dancing what I like and interested in is self-satisfaction. They find happiness in dance and I keep myself happy by sharing my creativity (photography and writing, although an immature one…)
Kissi Ne Kaha Hai “ Insaan Ke Sath Wo Hi Hota Hai, Jo Wo Chahta Hai…” and this is what I want Readers And Critics. Readers to Read and Compliment and Critics to Read and Comment…
Three months up as a Blogger, 26 posts, 8000 pageviews and lots of appreciation…Thanx to all the known and unknown readers, thanx to all who added me on Social Network because of my Blog. Thanx to all the Authors who have read my blog and complimented…

Dedicated Me...

  I Will Tell You A Secret Today…
People who have been with me says “ I Lose interest as fast as I gain…” I start and stop with the resonating frequency (same with Relationships…) but now after a lots of  Ups and Downs and innumerable calculations AM here (on with the real interest of my life (Writing And Relationship) and believe me I am really working to make it worthy…

It’s Just The Matter Of Time You Realise Your Passion, Starts Working And Rest All Follows…
                                                                  Pranav Shree…


  1. way to go bro...
    All the very best to you for pursuing your true passion...May you scale the dreams of your life...
    P.S. keep posting regularly..!

  2. right bro............u hav amazing talent.v r wid u .keep writing bro:)

  3. Your family is always with you in every dimension and aspect of your existence......keep writing...nd keep improving.. All the best :)

    1. :) i knw my family supports me...:)
      :) thnq fr being dere..

  4. ol d vry best... keep goin..u r doin a fab job...!!

  5. Time to ryt novel...go on...
    LUCKY boyyy...

  6. "SELF-SATISFACTION" all we really need...!
    n u penned it down for us...!! ;)
    nice post...!! stay posted...buddy...!!

  7. only one thing...:)
    keep posting regularly....:)
    ur all posts r nice

  8. Congratulations for completing the silver jubilee of your posts..And it truly doesn't matter how much you write, all that matters is how good you write. And from what I can see is you write really well...
    Good Luck
    Keep posting

  9. ur all posts r genuine...!! i'm in love wid ol <3