Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Love And Lust...24th Post...:)By shashank...

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'' He who desires but acts not , breeds pestilence " -  William blake

Checking out the vital stats of the girl that just passed by and contemplating the physicality of her assets is a casual and an ancient practice. No one is to be blamed here, as it's something hardwired into our systems since our inception. Years of evolution have seen our transition from primates to sapiens, and with it a huge influx of complexity to the functional brain. And the  two emotions associated with the adult sapien brain, namely- love and lust , has never failed to grab attention.
                                                                                       We all are driven by these two emotions in our life; no one qualifies as an exception.But man has hitherto failed to untangle the real paradox of love and lust- two deceivingly similar instincts at times. So are they different? If yes, then by what margin?
                                                                            Everybody wants to love and be loved. Life without a dose of love seems impossible at most times. Infact someone rightly said that love is that potent a feeling which urges an individual to be a better person!

                                                                             Carnal fantasy or bodily desire- a few synonyms of lust. It's defination is greatly manipulated throughout the different cultures however. While some have embraced it as the human counterpart of the cosmic process, others have labeled it as evil. Whatever it might be, the point is that we cannot do without it.

                                                                           Now if lust is the biological urge ( it is infact) which pushes an individual to indulge in the act of multiplication of progenies( which we all  end up doing anyway), then what makes the existence of love valid ? They both are the same then ? Maybe that explains  why some say that love is infact a prelude to sex, while some are of a more serious opinion that love is actually a blend of desire and the need to open up oneself to that someone without being embarrased otherwise. We are leaving out the biologists for now, and anyone else for whom the discussion is just a matter of a few organic reactions in the brain!

                                                                                 It might be that love is actually a process of selecting an eligible individual to vent out the fumes of lust. If yes, then love and lust go hand in hand, and  lust is but the physical expression of love. But it is then that we are confronted by the ‘moral police’, who may choose to differ , raising questions about loyalty and faith. For them, it is but natural for a man to lust for more than one women and vice-versa. Infact it is a process of natural selection which enabled  ancient  timers( no offence ) to single out their ‘worthy’ mates. The only reason that the practice of polyamorous relationships  had ceased to exist in the civilized societies  would be the social norms imposed  by culture, religion and education( other agendas might be- like it was a measure perhaps  to ensure availability .

                                                                             To sum up – it is lust which provides most of the momentum required to  bridge the gap.......the gap between literally incompatible minds of the sexes. Without it , love between man and woman is incomplete and the idea of propagation seems doubtful.

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