Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nightmare...23rd Post...:)

The Bench Awaits The Arrival Of You And Me Together...<3
It would be a Real Nightmare to wake up a morning and not finding you by my side. It would be terribly tough for me to come out of bed and look for you around; for me everything is "with you" and everything is sheer shit "without you"...
Libido is a word whose dictionary meaning is "A Part that causes Internal desire of happiness and sex..." for me my libido is you and your presence. Libido with its extremist Depth and extremist Elevation...
It would be really Astonishing for me and my life to live without you and your shadow; shadow of your Fulsome Beautifully Sculptured Human Body (Human Body because your soul is always there with me in Ups and Downs; In Dark and in Sunshine; In Agony and in Bonhomie...)
I Would Cry one whole day in despair and pain; i'll experience the loneliness once again but this time it would be more difficult to live with your Beautiful Imprints on my Body, Soul and Nerves. And the very next day i'll join you. Once again Love will Rise, Sorrows will Die, Euphoria will be Embraced and Loneliness will be Murdered...
But it would be really difficult to wake up in a morning without YOU being my side...:) 

P.S:- I LOVE YOU...<3