Saturday, 21 July 2012

That One Song...20th Post...;)

What you do when your Mood is Exotic…? Party or Hmm yours favourite Bollywood number… What you do when you want to express your eupheism to your infidelity partner…? You dedicate songs… What you do when you are hurt and when your Heart cries…? You cut all connections from the world, Bolt yourself in a room, Plugs-in your earphone and goes to bed, there under blanket listening to Songs you Sob, Sob softly…

Why do we always need a Song…? Because Music is the best way to express emotions and different states of mind (Nostalgic/euphoric and melancholic…)
When we are sad we find ourselves related and connected with the words and emotions of the song…
Whenever we develop a liking towards a song; What we do? We keep it on repeat and hear it incessantly till it turns obsolete(Old Enough…) but there are some songs which are Eternal like “Mere Yaar Ki Shaddi H…”; Some songs motivates “Mai kya hun, mai kya ye batlau…”; Some songs are Patriotic “Maa Tujhe Salam…”; Some songs are Legendary “Jai Ho…” and there’s always a song which defines You, Me And Our Life…J
Collectively we all can relate to songs like “Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Hai Zindagi…” And “ Kal Ho Naa Ho…” (OO…WOW !! Sonu Nigam…)
But individually “That One Song” Is really especial …J

Some are lucky enough to have “That One Song…” which can play the “Epilogue” part of there’s Biography…But the rest are even more Luckier “Write It Down Yourself…”
Write down a Song you can listen to when you are sad, write down a song which defines and portrays the Ups N Downs of your Life…
Write down a Song listening to which people can relate themselves to you and your life lived in Exile (If One…)
Well for me that one song is too long My This Diary “College Diary Relate Urself…”
Well! Ending here I’ll tell you about my dad and his “That One Song”… Today I am 19 and He is 50 But he sings this song from the time I was 4; Almost Every night…J        
“That One Song…”
              “Aa Chal Ke Tujhe, Ek Aise Gagan K Talle…” J :D


  1. that one song that u hear when ur momma scolds u- welcome to my life...;)

  2. There r songs dat can really make u sad and cry wen u hear dem.
    But it's actually not the song dat makes u cry, it's the people behind d memories...........:):)

  3. Ye Jeevan hai...Is jeevan ka...yahi hai rang-rup...

  4. my song will b the 1 when i will fulfil my parents and lord's dream....!!

  5. Oye pranav, yaad hai ??? Ur beats on desk & dat one song "tujhe bhula diya, phr q...teri yaado ne mujhe rula diya..."
    Ohhh, I miss da song in our own style dedictd to dat situatn & PB !!! ;P

    1. Haha...I remember those days...
      TUjhe Bhula dia phir kyu teri yaadoin ne..:P PB..;)

  6. my present mindset, I guess song would ahve to be Jab we Met's "Tum se Hi"

  7. memorable moment...!

  8. Indeed, Moments which define my life..:)

  9. hmmm....lagta hai bhai tumhari songs pe kafi research chal raha hai......i appreciate ur thinking so minutely over this.....