Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Age Matters...?? 16th Post...:D

It’s about the Days when I use to waste my time in checking my home page; Profile page and again home page…
Days changed and she entered into the scene and my friend list got an increment ...
She got enamoured by my display pic and Clever bio Line…
She was from other country; another time zone and of a different world (a world of her own imagination and prospective…)
One fine evening I wrote a Hii to her with few  Smiling Similes (I ws trying to be Expressive..) but dere ws no reply from the other side( later on I discovered about the time zone..)

Another fine day dere came a reply “SORRY” with few sad similes (but I don’t  know whether she was trying to be expressive or not)
We had a chat had a gud tym we discussed our Life;Desires and dreams
Chats hours got strengthened and increased from minutes to hours and even it got extended to classroom and lecture theatres…
I used to say GD NYT while going Offline and She Used To reply with a Gd mng ( u know London Is 10 hrs 30 mins behind our time zone...)

Soon we discussed movies and she suggested me to watch JHOOTA HI SAHI…
She Expressed her hidden desire of possessing a DOST INDIA…
I didn’t replied but haan in ma heart I started planning to be one…
Many a times she tried to amaze me by revealing uncommon facts about her country and university but I never got amazed as those facts were common to me( Google Makes Me Smart..)

Her One Ammunition(question) annihilated my all impression and Smartness…

“In which Year You were Born BY THE WAY????
Till date I revived the fact that I ws born in 1993 but now I repent because She ws From 1992…
And the dere ws a reply fom her…:BYE GOT TO GO”…Mamma Calling “TALK TO YOU LATER SWT sDRMS DEAR…”


  1. age doesnt matter dude...bt may b its big matter in india..

  2. are...uski mummi n bulaya to kya ho gya...:D

    1. arre...uska fir aaj tk reply hi ni aaya...:P :P

  3. Ooo... Canneddaaa...!!

    Realy felt sad aftr readng this post....
    All i regret is ki kaash tune us din meri baat maan li hoti... 1992 likh deta instead of 1993.. ;)

    Ab tadap unki yaadon mei.... :p

  4. Ohhh, tu to uske liye baccha ho gya... :D :D ;;P

  5. :O
    ha ha ha...
    googly !!
    sorry pranav can't stop laughing .. after reading this ..
    HARD LUCK dear !!!

  6. Hehehe... Awesome And funny Post

  7. Yup...looking for a new Girl..:D :D ;)