Sunday, 22 June 2014


We often do it! Sit and stare incessantly at our recently clicked snaps! What we really look for? For how beautiful we have grown into? Or for how smartly the photographer has made us hide our obscurities and has presented a viscous picture of our demons?

We all do it, we do it so often that we lose the count and yet we are not satisfied of what we see because instead of being proud about how good we look on screens we are sad about the person we have turned into or out to be.
We are sad about the so-called-friends we have lost over the course of time and still continue to loose. We are doubtful about our future given the present seems vague and we stare at ourselves trying to decipher the moments when things went wrong.

The photograph is merely a co-ordinated presentation of the happenings from the past, when we stare at ourselves we pose question and all we get to hear in return are excuses coveted under the synonym  The-fault-in-our-stars even though they are-the-faults-in-us.

We continue to live life, as it comes to us and one day when everything seems too different and difficult we feel infer rated and we feel lost and all we do is look for answers in our past. It can be anything, the move you made to win your friend back or the simple suggestion you cited to make your friend’s life better; if it was love which changed your life then the reason for the mishap can be none other than expectations, because we all believe love to be one-stop-shop of things we dream of, while love is a farm where you need to work through sunny and rainy days to grow the world which you deserve more than the world you need.

The world would have been a better place if we judged less and loved more, the world would have been  a far better place if we would have been less envious and more jovial about others success. 


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