Sunday, 6 April 2014

Koyal For FMI!!!

The 51st Femina Miss India, Koyal Rana—a 21 year old girl from Delhi—enamored the judges last night with her answer when asked: -

"In these past 30 days with the Miss India Organization which values or virtues have you learnt from your fellow contestants that you will take back with you?"

In reply to this nerve breaking question, she said: - "We had a beautiful batch of girls this time ... So vibrant, dynamic, professional when required yet lots of fun. They had both beauty and talent."

Her response seemed genuine and convincing to the highly decorated panel of judges; which led her to the win of 51st Femina Miss India.

Koyal Rana, is a sweet little girl from Delhi. You may not recognize her but all of you have seen her in Coca cola ads in ads of Garnier where she worked as a Brand Ambassador.

In the recently passed week, I had kept a keen eye on the beauty pageant contest and was supporting Koyal for FMI over internet. The sole reason is very personal and encouraging.

I travel back to three years and smile remembering the innocuous and innocent replies she wrote in response to my flirting texts—needless to say, I was single at that instance. She was very down to earth and very genuine. I asked her few pretty questions and she answered all of them with extra wit and outstanding smartness—and hence she won the Tiara of Miss India.

A sweet little girl she appeared to me; she kept replying to me nearly for few more weeks and them she got busy with her busy schedule.
 I was heartbroken to not receive replies from her but today when she won the Miss Femina India 2014, it all seems vague--my disappointment and sadness.
She is made for bigger things in life--like everyone of us. It's just that she kept all the distractions aside and NAILED IT...:)


  1. what were your "flirting" comments anyway???