Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Six reasons why to read the February Edition of Branwyn.

  1. The world famous e-magazine with 10,00,000 of readers; this February brings to you the anniversary edition of the magazine which is a very special edition and is much exciting and different from all other issues of the magazine.
  2. Oh Come on! You have been reading this e-magazine for a year now and am sure you are definitely not going to miss on the best ever edition of the same. Here’s your favorite magazine on Scribd go get your share of fun and inspiration.
  3. The short fiction stories. Short stories have always been the USP of Branwyn; In this edition if the magazine you will find few beautiful short stories like “The Endless Wait” by renowned Authors and Bloggers.
  4. The Famous and charming Faraz Kaji is in talk with the Branwyn; read his witty answers to Branwyn in a rapid fire question format.
  5. You get a chance to know more about the Author Moeedul Hussain in the segment Meet The Author.
  6. Know more about Udita Pal the author of the story N.C.E.R.T of Love published in the second version of the famous anthology ‘Uff Ye Emotions’. Udita quotes herself as a walking scandal of Misunderstood Personality.

Do you need more reasons? If Yes, then go to Scribd.com and find them yourself, because you never know ‘which one thing can change you or inspire you for life long’.



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