Sunday, 2 March 2014

Branwyn-Anniversary Edition.

Some one great once said- All it takes to be there at top is a bit of Talent, loads of dedicated Hard-work and an Ounce of Gratitude.
Branwyn presents its Anniversary edition. The ride seems to be joyful and convincing. With 10,00,000 of readers across the world; Branwyn team is dedicated to provide the readers with the best and with the latest news from the literature.
Since every issue is important, Branwyn’s core team has always tried to present something new and interesting to the readers every time. Every new issue had a featuring article, where the celeb from the Literati world were seen answering the quicker from Branwyn.
Then there’s a column where Amateur writers are provided with a platform to build some readership for themselves and for their innocuous Art. The impending talent of the Amateurs has grabbed a good chunk of readership with the help of Branwyn. The good thing about this section is- the received entries are from the Imperial Institution of Engineering in India—IIT’s.
The enthusiasm IITians have showed towards Branwyn is amazing and it is a conspicuous proof of how famous and grander Branwyn is. The overall enthusiasm is also proof that this e-magazine by Sneha Gupta is going places.
This Febraury, Sneha Gupta presents to you the Anniversary edition of Branwyn. This Anniversary edition is a special edition given with this issue Branwyn completes its one year of sheer love and unadulterated content.
There have been few achievements throughout the ride which are remarkable.
What is new in the Anniversary Edition?
·       The Famous National Best seller Author Faraz Kazi talks about the changing trends of literature. He also enlightens the readers with his style and thinking of writing.
·       The Amateur section where write ups from the students of IIT is a feast for every Literature Fanatic.

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