Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts...

Love- ain’t this word has made you smile, cry, shout and whisper at night. Love is the most indispensable part of today’s youth’s life—Toppers please excuse us. Love has surely made you do something you never even thought of. It may have made you go the rounds of military cantonment for even worst it has made you attend boring lectures. In my case it has made me do many crazy little things. It has made me fight people and best thing—it has made a clear impression of how good I am as a person.
Love is the reason behind all the great things that happened on this planet—because to do great work you need to do what you love—and Lack of Love is the reason behind all bad things that took place on this planet—America bombed Japan out of extreme Love—not actually you may argue; but you will have to agree, Love is the anecdote for everything bad thing that happened.
Love is the most conspicuous thing on this planet, you can see a small kid holding her father’s finger while crossing the street—security a form of Love—you see people carrying their old parents to hospitals—responsibility the third state of love first being the Please and second being the Thank You—Love is all that has made us what we are today.
Valentine’s Day is one such day when people Love to celebrate Love. Loving to celebrate Love with your lovable ones is a lovely thing. Affection inspires goodness and goodness inspires Humanity. Be lovable and spread Humanity because at the end our purpose on earth is to Spread Humanity.
Valentine’s day has its own place among the different age groups. School going students plan to propose the beautiful soul from the other sex while university students get engaged in act of producing other soul of any sex…;)
Valentine’s truly is the most beautiful day in the calendar. The whole atmosphere is red with roses and pink with blushes. You can see every vendor selling Cards, Chocolates and Condoms—because if Love can inspire Humanity then it will definitely inspire sensuality.
People generally bump into me during these weeks for suggestion quoting ‘Hey buddy what should I do to make her feel special?’ and I end up saying ask her to meet me..;)
Jokes apart the reasoning I am writing this blog is to help all those pals and Scooby-doo friends out there-
·        Bring them something they will never expect from you but make sure you do not try to surprise by sending it via some courier service because in this case you will be the last one on her guess.
·        Take her to place where she can know you as a person because the speed of life will give you smooches and sex but it will never give you satisfaction and strength. Only a person who knows you will tell you to Keep Calm in your bad days.
·        Make Love to her—if you can—but make sure you do not make her a mommy.
·        Take them for a ride back to the timeline and experience the romance getting fresh.
Do all that you can do with your small little pocket-money. Take her to bar, cafĂ©, movie or to  a locked room but after getting spent—physically and financially—do tell her how much you love her and how much respect you have for her.


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