Tuesday, 11 February 2014

London-A bubble of Imagination.

When I was of six years in age, my grandmother used to tell me those nanny stories with angels being the bearer of wisdom. They used to get real with the story advancing at a slow pace. With time I started growing up now my granny started reading to me story of a spectacle d boy somewhere in an English country. The boy was orphan and treated badly by his uncle and aunt, all he had was waste and a room full of loneliness. Then there came a day when someone as big as a tree broke into his privacy to take him away to a magical world of brooms and wizards. The mere expose to the magical world and magical spells opened a world of stories to me. The imagination with the help of which I drew the characters inspired me to create my own characters, to create a heroic poster of myself in my dreams. It inspired me to be a writer with wide intellect and profound imagination. I started visiting libraries at a great frequency. I was a kid all I knew about life is ‘someone as big as a tree will break into my place one day and will take me to place where I belong—a library’. Library turned out to be my second home. It was decided I am going to be a writer. Then I grew up and the cobwebs of engineered stereotype caught me and I ended up signing for the engineering course; where I am forced to jot down hundred lines of useless codes everyday. I always wanted to write but not codes; I wanted to write something magical which will break the caricatures of the world and help people grow with intricate happiness.
I dreamt of going to United Kingdom get myself a degree in literature from the Cambridge University and serve the world with literati perfection. My dream was crushed under the weight of engineering degree and I was left with no other choice. I lived my dream everyday inside my head, I decided I will go and break through. I started content writing for various blogs and online portals in order to earn enough for my survival at London. Today I stand in a position to say my dream is not away. I am going to an English country to learn English because ‘if only you understand well, you can explain well’.

My Dream London is waiting for me. I wish to be there any moment now and live my dream. I wish to travel through tubes and drink star bucks after lectures in afternoon. I want to experience the chill of London and I want to write about the wits of London. I want to live my dream life in London. Roaming in subways, travelling through tubes, singing my life out and then write about it and Die.

I want to go to UK to learn English…


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