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09 years old, when we children are supposed to learn the words of life and enjoyment then this guy Karan was learning the word Love and expressing things like emotion, euphoria and depression.

Summer, 1998.
Karan had his school off for 40 long days, so he planned to visit his grand Parents in Shimla. Boarding  train to Shimla from Delhi was no big deal, but for a child of age 09 is not just difficult but impossible. His parents went through a heated argument to decide who will escort him to Shimla. Ultimately his father has to bow down in front of the women of his life. Mind My words Women of his life.

With grandfather to whom Karan referred as Da, Karan was having the best days of his life.
He made Karan hear his stories richly enriched with his experience of 72 years on this omnibus planet. At night he made Karan learn lullaby and sleep tight. He learnt computers and played video games whole day trying to break his Da’s records.

One fortunate/unfortunate day he came across the darling of the colony they lived in.  She was mesmerizingly cute and gorgeously beautiful. They became friends at a mutual birthday party. Soon they started playing together. From morning to evening now it was an incessant endeavour Karan craving for Nikki (the gorgeous girl) but she hardly craved for him in the manner he did because she was a girl and we all know how girls are.

We think girls are deep when it comes to Love and Relationships but the truth is they are LAZY.
Karan and Nikki, everyone was under their spell. They became the darling of the colony, every uncle brought chocolates for them and every Aunty (Including Anu Aunty) baked cookies especially for them with lots of Raisins.
Karan saved every single piece of chocolate for his dream girl Nikki for the day any uncle forgets to bring one for her.
One very especial day they both sat in park on bench all strained and stressed. Suddenly with a low voice “Nikki asked Karan Hum Dono Bf-Gf hain??”
Karan sternly “NO”...
Nikki sadly “kyun”?
Karan with excitement Kyunki Ladkiyon K Bhot Nakhre Hote Hain, Mujhe Ye Chahie, Mujhe woh Chahie, Jamta Nai Hai...
Nikki in low voice “But Mujhe To Sirf Ek Mc-Aloo Tikki Chahie”...
Karan with a naughty voice “Aisa Kya”?
Nikki firmly signalled Yes.
Karan scrutinising his pocket, nodded with “To Phir Thik Hain”, and they had their first date at the “M Loving It” space.
After ward the days became beautiful, and weather of Shimla added Smell of Love and Air of Companionship.
Nikki and Karan both went to his grandparents hand in hand and confessed their love and requested permission for marriage but Da and other people laughed it out like their’s everyday stupidity.
Karan was sad about “Not being taken seriously”, but to Nikki it hardly mattered.
40 days of badminton, chocolates, Mc-Aloo and loads of play went blazingly fast.
It was the time for karan’s departure from shimla, as he already missed few days of school after the sabbatical days.
The night before the day of leaving; Karan cried whole night and before sleeping he wrote something and kept it in the lovely box (they made together while playing the roles of carpenter) with other cute little things for his First Love Nikki.
Handing over the box to Da, Karan explained everything in soft voice with profound emotions.
Nikki came screaming Karan, Karan and found that he is gone but smile took over her sadness when she learnt about the box he left behind. With no effort she pealed the wrapped cover of the box once they made together, and found cute little things with a spiel in it.

Nikki, this is the time,
When I’ll not lie.
By the time you’ll read this,
I must have left and reached.
But you don’t cry;
Distance keeps the flavor in love and life.
In the next Summer;
We’ll be together,
To play the poker.
You’ll be again my princess,
And i’ll be your chauffer.
I promise next time,
I’ll be more grown and mature,
And hope you be the same,
Serene and Pure.
In the mid-time enjoy,
The Chocolate and The Pie.

She was excited, she thought of him and then her gaze got fixed on the chocolate and no girl at the age of 8 will consider Love over Chocolate.

And The Rest Is History...


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