Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Inner Conflict By Shreyash Jhunjhunwala...

I try to be sensible and logical. When I come to think of it, I can effortlessly conclude that I am on the lighter side of the scale; that what has transpired was not supposed to happen; that things would have been better off had this not happened.

However, once I am under the "influence", I tend to think on different lines. Is this what Life is about? Is it fair to make a compromise so grave that it undermines the very existence of emotions? Isn't it true that the heart is independent of the overly influential human mind; that it has a mind of his own which is free from any prejudices and biases that weigh down heavily on the human mind; that the sentiments it creates are truly pure and untainted; that what the heart professes is the truth after it has been sieved and purified of the evil notions and convictions of the mind.

If that be the truth then what should be favoured in case a conflict arises? Should we side with our rational mind because of its inferential ability? But isn't it true that the truest beliefs are those formulated by the heart? Ironically, following the heart has its own share of problems. What is going with the heart entails a breach of trust? What is the union of two hearts pushes a third one into immediate agony and perpetual hatred? What if this fulfilment does not go down well with everybody around?

And then there arises another dilemma. Is it not better to struggle with the truth than flow along in a river of lies? If history of mankind teaches us anything, it is that the truth is the ultimate victor. If you stick to it in the very beginning, you shall be exempted of any untoward consequences that might arise eventually. A heart-break is one tough wound to heal. However, living with a lifelong heartache is the most inhuman ordeal to bear.
Then they say that time can heal anything. They emphasize the importance of giving time a little time. But even a little time is a hell lot of a time!

  Don't you believe that time can heal only on the surface?

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  1. Time can heal ? Lol :) It cant. We just get used to the pain :)
    A post one can relate to very easily :) <3