Wednesday, 10 October 2012

He Is Perfect...29th Post...

That One Guy Is The Right Guy Who Senses It From Your Voice Or Text “That Something Is Wrong” And Supports You In Every Bad Time…Ironically, He Is Never There When You Are Happy Because He Is Busy With The Friends Who Need Him…
With So Many Of Good Friends Around He Is still Alone And Single…
You Know Why …???Because “He Is Perfect And Ordinary People Deserves His Mere Support Not Full Him…”

One Day He Will Have The Best Of Everything And The People Around Will Banter “Lucky bastard”…

But The Truth Is He Has Earned It…
Good News:- Blogger Jee Ko Unke College Mei Hue Creative Writing Competition Mei 2nd Prize Se Purushkarit Kiya Gya Hai…J


  1. Shreyash Jhunjhunwala10 October 2012 at 20:48


    1. :)
      Well, Senior For Reading And Commentingly(genuinely) on Every Post...

  2. its puruskrit...:P
    n...again a nice post

  3. kutte sale mar ja doob k kahin..1st kyun ni aaya..mera naam kharab kr raha tu..!! :p :p

  4. yaaa..... competition k bare mei bataya kisne tha,....:P

    1. :)
      Well, thnq....
      actually i was about to update the whole Article "It's Time To Wake Up" then i thot people will start Complaining..
      How He Won???:P
      So, ni kra...
      and the P.S:- of the Article had ur Name Mentioned,,..
      Btw Thnq..
      Dis Is the Only thing Good you have dne to me...(Except of all those hard criticism...)
      but i can sense ur support now(comment on every Blog...)

      P.S:- This comment was posted just to make you realise... m gud n u r...:P

    2. lol..... hard criticism..... :P
      bdw i deserve a treat atleast.... :P

  5. bro u r a “Lucky bastard”… ;) :)

  6. cngratulatn...tna naa naa tnaa naa naa...
    maine tere liye ita mst gaaya re, PARTYYY to bnti hai...
    1kbaar haa krde JALANDHAR aa jaunga... :P