Thursday, 7 June 2012

Live Like A Child...:) 6th Post...:)

Stay Childlike...:) :)

                                     Stay Raw, Stay Childlike…J

Hmmm, College Diary Relate Urself A Blog At By A Childish Mature Kid Pranav, Brings You Another Blog To Relate With UrSelf…

India’s Hot Favourite Youth Channel MTV India Says “Stay Raw, Stay Childlike”…

hahaha, With The Shows Like Roadies 9 “Everything Or Nothing” And Splitsvilla “Where Love Is War”…
They Are Promoting The Mantra Of Stay Childlike…

Sounds Weird But Actually Is Admirable If Given A Thought…J
The X-Generation i.e Our Generation Is A Owner Of Triumph, We Have Witnessed The End As Well As The Beginning Of Two Different Era’s…

We Have Seen A Great Transformation In The Size Of Computers From Room Big To Lap Small…J

STAY RAW:- Sounds Like An Advice To Stay Tough And Stay On Our Own Terms…
To An Extent It Seems Appropriate But It Hardly  Gives An Impression Or Suggests Us To Disrespect Anyone…

It’s Basically A Definition For The Attitude Of A Perfect Youth…J

Stay ChildLike:- Being Raw And Childlike At The Same Instant Is Really Bizarre But The Combo Is Fucking AwesOme…(haha..Kissi ne Mera Naam Lia Kya..????Lol)...

A Youth Who Has It All On His Own When Infront Of His/her Parents Acts Childish Then For Sure For A Second Parents Will Have A Thought Like YE! KYA HUA!!!

But Believe Me The Smile On Their Face Afterwards Will Be A Thing Of Beauty to Watch… :)

In My Life I Have Got Friends Like Kshitiza(  I Know The Spelling OF Your Name IS Wrong N You LL Be Fighting  With ME After Reading It…) And Khushboo With Whom I Fight Almost Every Other Day And Its Great…Talking To Them Gives Me Relief  That My Friends Care For Me…(M Childish With Them…J )

And There Are Even Girls In My Life With Whom Am “Mature And All”… Because They Are Looking For Perfect Boys (So M Trying On Them As They Are Irresistibly Desirable… ;) ) And Even I Have Some Desires…(My Stay Raw Attitude…)
So, Boys And Girls; Life Will Keep Going In Its Sweet Little Problematic Way So What We Need To Do IS:-
                                     STAY RAW STAY CHILDLIKE…J

P.S:- The Views Expressed Above Are My Own And Contains No Involvement Of Channel MTV…J


  1. stay raw,stay childish.... awesum... bt i fight bcoz i m ur dushman... not dost :P :P

  2. Saale tune to mtv walon tak ko nhi chodha :P
    ;) ;)

  3. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big positve or negative difference.,bt wateva it is.. stay raw stay shinchan \m/ :P

  4. yup...u stay like Shinchan...:)

  5. TOTALLY RAW POST!!hmm..dis 1 rocks!!:)

  6. Childlike bt very Mature...

  7. u being raw will be a total disappointment........u r and u will always be a child like person with soft heart full of emotions and ripen sentiments........