Thursday, 26 March 2015


Love has always inspired me to do a lot of things, it was during my engineering days when I used to work as a freelance writer and earn more than I do today as an engineering graduate. My girlfriend belonged to a family which faced a lot of financial crisis; my love for her grew every moment I saw her in depression and in lack. I decided to change her life, my earning of a thousand dollars a month was good enough to wipe away all her tears. I started working really hard. I succumbed myself to only two activities earning money and spending with her. I gave in everything and made her life a bit better.

The four years of college ended up like a flash of lightening and I stood on a crossroad with the biggest dilemma of my life. My parents wanted me to pursue a career in engineering because they were unsure about the freelancing career on the other hand I wanted to be a freelancer and work for minimal hours and then go out exploring the world.
At the end I decided to go with my parent’s desire, I worked hard through the enterprise and earned a lot of respect and appraisals but a day came when company decided to lay off a lot of people. I was one of those lucky people to get laid off. I was not sad of getting fired but I was sad of leaving of my freelancing career for a job that needed me no more.
That evening, I called up my girlfriend and asked her to spend her day with me. I didn’t burst the news of my debacle to her—by now she has an acquired a good job and was earning really good—If I did, she would have cried all night. We spent time talking about the good old days when we were in college and how I used to support her. Together we built a castle that night and everything seemed perfectly fine—even though they were not—to us. She was the only one who wanted me to carry on with my writing career and that night she brought up the matter again and this time she was successful in enamoring me for pursuing a freelancing career—least she knew that I had no other option.
A lot of people will say that I owe my success as a writer to the job I lost but only I and my inner soul knows that I owe my success to the time we spent Together that night. The twinkles in her eyes that said “You were good being a Writer” made me make the decision of my life.
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